htaccess tweak for Mautic in a subfolder

There are different ways to install Mautic.

  1. As a subdomain eg: or
  2. as in folder from your main domain eg:

The tweak to the htaccess below should only be applied if you are using option 2.

Firstly, some context, read this Github issue.

This tweak applies to both apache 2.4 and greater and older vresion less than 2.4.

For reference to the original .htaccess click here.

So how do we solve the error?

Find the following lines in the htaccess, depending on if you use apache 2.4 > or 2.4 <. There should be 2 entries in the htaccess file.

<If "%{REQUEST_URI} =~ m#^/(index|index_dev|upgrade/upgrade)\.php#">

Update this line to add the folder in which your mautic installation resides. If your folder is /mautic/, then simply use the code below. If it is something else, update as needed.

<If "%{REQUEST_URI} =~ m#^/mautic/(index|index_dev|upgrade/upgrade)\.php#">

Leave your comments and issues on this thread on Github.