MyList for Non-Profits

More than 200 nonprofits, from fledgling arts organizations to global NGOs, use MyList to communicate with constituents.

We’re constantly exploring new technology to help our customers create more effective newsletters.

How can MyList help your organization?

For starters, you’ve probably got a staff, donors, volunteers, a board of directors - and they all need to hear from you. Sometimes you’ll want to send everyone the same message, but sometimes you’ll want to specialize your email campaigns - like sending an internal newsletter to staff only, budget reports to the board only, or a personalized update to your organization's entire mailing list.

With MyList's email designer you can easily add content and design emails that fit your brand.

Collaboration features like

  • multi-user access
  • campaign comments and
  • simultaneous editing

help improve your organization's workflow. Track your email performance with our reports, then connect your account with Google Analytics and your shopping cart for a complete perspective of your subscribers' activity.

MyList also offers plenty of integrations that will help you do your job. If you keep up with your donors using The Raiser’s Edge, you can synchronize their MyList activity with their profile in your database.

You can create, edit, and manage events with our Eventbrite integration, or you can easily survey your constituents with our SurveyMonkey integration. You can share your email campaigns easily through Facebook or Twitter and allow your subscribers to do the same. The list goes on.

Let's get started.

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