MYSQL Country & Nationality List Imports

One of the long standing GitHub projects we have been working on, is a list of country imports for MySQL. Recently we have added a nationality version for importing.

There are different versions for the import ranging from a simple list to country codes and names.

Project Information

Use this mysql to import a list of countries and/or Nationalities into your database.

Types of Lists

  • Simple country code and name
  • Simple country code and name with InnoDB
  • Detailed country info
  • JSON Array
  • PHP Array

The SQL imports contains the following info

  1. Table name: apps_countries / apps_nationality
  2. no ID's used on first import
  3. Country Name, Country Short code


Use PHPmyAdmin to import the SQL file into your database.

New Additions

  • Time Zone SQL Import
  • Country Flags


If you find this useful or find any issue, open an Issue on GitHub.